Vehicle Adaptations

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 People with disabilities can often drive safely by making modifications or adding adaptive equipment to their vehicles to meet their specific needs. As the technology has gotten better and has increased in availability, the number of people using adapted vehicles has also increased. The World of Mobility can offer a wide range of adaption solutions to suit your needs.


Quality and Assurance

All our adaptations are carried out by qualified technicians in Approved centres to comply with Spanish road laws and European legislation .

Vehicle Hoists


 A car hoist enables a wheelchair user to be seated comfortably and safely into their car. Once in the car safely, the hoist can place the wheelchair or scooter into the boot. A versatile solution for both the elderly and disabled.

Safe Seating


The safest way to travel in a vehicle is seated in the car seat using a seat belt. A Swivel Seat is a solution that enables wheelchair users to do this.

Hand controls


Drivers who are unable to use their foot controls can regain their motoring independence by having hand controls fitted to their vehicles. We offer a wide range, from sophisticated Electronic Ring Accelerators to simple but effective Push/Pull controls. 



The lowered floor conversion is where we remove the centre section of the floor and replace it with a ramp section to accommodate the wheelchair and user.  

Qualified installation


We engineer a wide range of conversions for vehicles in government  approved workshops. Our fully trained and qualified engineers work to the highest of standards so you don’t compromise the quality of your car just because it’s modified! 

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we help people do what so many take for granted; drive to work, pop down to the shops, drop in on friends or go on a great driving holiday. It is with great pride That we can offer solutions that help.